Exploring Wikis in the Writing Classroom

1. What is a Wiki?

2. Tour the Orick School Wiki

3. Practice writing, formatting and saving work

Please review Margot's questions and write a brief response. Identify yourself with a font color.

1. How many videos are we going to make? Not sure, 10 perhaps.
2. A video group must have: One narrator, one camera person, one actor, and one script as a minimum. (For dialogue: more narrators and more actors.) We may get by with fewer students here. For example, Jeremiah's story is nearly complete. He has pictures to scan and it would be nice to get some photos of the creek where he caught the fish but vital. Also, Kaitlyn will check out the camera we have here to photo her horses and video a gymkhana on the 15th. Her sister or mother can film. We already have several still shots for her story. (John, all my comments are in blue.)
3. What students will be grouped together to make each video? (One student could be involved with more than one video)
4. Can Margot look at the scripts (writing) before we start storyboarding?
5. Does Orick want to include Access Humboldt's flip cameras or stick with only Orick's Camera? (software operates differently for different cameras) I would like to stick with our cameras just because we have access to the voice track with that software. I understand we can reformat the flip videos but why take the extra complication.
6. Can Margot shoot one story in the morning and one in the afternoon on the same day?
7. What about permission slips for going off grounds? Are there parents that would volunteer to drive and help with the shoot? We will need permission slips. However, I'm willing to let the children check out the cameras and/or go with them after school to film.
8. I will ask students to make a list of needed props, costumes, & settings and then we (the adults) will determine what is doable. Yes, I really want to avoid doing videos with props and costumes. These videos should have an emphasis on the place of Orick and the students themselves. They are playing a staring role as themselves.
9. Will teachers have time to work with students on storyboards between Margot's visits? We do not have time but will make time.

3. Make a new page for yourself on the Orick School Wiki. Experiment with formatting, linking, uploading, creating tables, adding widgets.

4. Consider ways you might use Wikis to promote collaboration and/or writing in your classroom.

5. Next Steps?


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