Smith River

We went to the Smith River with my mom’s boy friend Nick, his friend Michael and my brothers Jared and Jeremiah also Jessica, Jared’s girlfriend. It was so fun. We jumped off big rocks it was a blast! Michael was a good friend.
Next, we built a fire and roasted hot dogs. We were eating chips too. Jeremiah accidentally kicked some sand in our chips. Mike and Nick picked up Jeremiah and chucked him in the river.
Then we were having a contest with Mike’s boogie board. We would run and jump on it and slide on the water to see how far we could go. It was really fun. Mike was the best slider, he could go about eight feet.
One part that wasn’t fun was walking through the poison oak. My brother Jared and I were climbing a hill At the top was a batch of poison oak. We did not see the poison oak and walked right through it. Then we walked across the "Slant Bridge" on the Middle Fork of the Smith River with my mom’s Boyfriend Nick. He showed us where the poison oak was. We felt so dumb but at the time we did not know what poison oak looked like. Jared and I caught poison oak really bad. Jared even had to stay home from school because he had poison oak so bad. It looked like a huge tumor on his neck. We had so much fun I would go back even with the threat of poison oak.