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When I Was Young

When I was young I liked to see the horses run as free as the wind up and down the hillsides. I liked to ride my pony, and I liked to make her trot. She was very bumpy so I bounced up and down a lot.

When I was young I felt so free to be upon a horse.It felt so exciting and the horses are so lovable. I like how the horses want to learn to bend their necks, and hug me. I like riding down the levy by the creek, and then across the bridge to the horse trail. I like riding up until I get to a goosepen tree so I can back my horse into the hollow.

I like how the horses, just under halter and lead rope, let me ride across the field bareback to open a gate. Other horses "fly" past us at top speed to reach the greener grass behind the gate.

When I was young our horse shoer came. I rode a horse up the hill with my sister, and how exciting it was. The horse thought that there was a monster behind every tree! We rode up and I had to squeeze my knees onto her hips to keep from falling.

When I was young I was so happy when Blossom, the horse that runs from me, ran to me. Just because she learned that a little girl was going to love her and give her treats.

When I was young I rode around in the grass at the rodeo grounds on a horse named Shawnee, she is black and white, and very sweet. I like to make her go into the arena, but she likes to take off bucking!

When I was young I went to a Rodeo in Lakeport I rode my horse Sassy.We rode in the Grand-Entry, and she ran all out to catch up to another horse half way across the arena. Then we ran poles,and she spun around all the poles at lightning-fast speed. But then she decided to go super slow on barrels, but she beat the girl in front of us, by 20.6-20.5! Then,all the members get "jobs",so I had to be a goat holder.It was freezing cold!

When I was young I Iliked to watch the horses after a long day of riding, roll around on the ground to make themselves dirty, then trot off to eat grass.