My Horse

My horse, Brin, bows to people who give her treats. She is a 16 year old, brown and black thoroughbred with long legs. Brin has my number. She throws her head when I lope her. It feels like she is bucking, but she isn't. I love her so much, and she loves me. She is my horse. I can lope on her. It feels so good when I ride her. She is beautiful. She lives right by a Presbyterian Church. One time when I was riding her, she made me cry. I get mad at her sometimes. I have won third place in a gymkana. In the rodeo I got fourth place. One day, I was riding her through the school grounds and all these college kids were helping the school. I stopped to say hi, so I said, "Hi and bye." And I was going to the rodeo grounds. She is cool. In the gymkanas I like the Big T best. She is the only horse that I've ever had. I am glad she is mine.