Pac-TIN Meeting Notes

10-27-2010 6:30-8:00 P.M. at Humboldt Access.

In Attendance
Matt Ross 5th-8th grade teacher
Shelly Ross Primary Language Arts Teacher and technologist.
John Sutter Orick School Superintendent/Primary Teacher and Pac-TIN Grant author.
Sean __ Executive Director of Access Humboldt
Sam Kaplan AmeriCorps volunteer and employee at Access Humboldt
Margot Genger Friend of Catherine and Access Humboldt technologist, retired teacher
Catherine Arnold Redwood Writing Project fellow and writing mentor.
1. Discuss how to precede getting student writing into video form.
2. Schedule events and support on a big calendar.
We all went around the room and introduced ourselves and our roll in the writing/media project.
Sean, made clear that Access Humboldt also has an objective of serving underserved communities such as Orick with Digital Media and if possible broad-band Internet access.
John mentioned a previous meeting with the teachers on Tuesday, where they talked about downplaying the “Outdoor School” video focus and focusing more on the student’s narratives that they are producing. In all likelihood, many of these stories will be about the outdoors such as horseback riding, surfing, fishing etc. These writings already promise to have a strong sense of place.
Catherine outlined where the class is in the writing process. Said the class was making progress and really enjoyed leaning the vocabulary of writing. She noted that Matt was particularly good at teaching and modeling the writing process and its various elements.
Some models for how to translate the written material into video or digital stories were discussed. Margot asserted that the process is more “organic” and cannot be lock-stepped through. Students will proceed at different paces. Their projects will have varying degrees of sophistication and the children themselves requiring different levels of support.
Donna (and everyone really), agreed that a well written story is key to creating a well, edited video or digital story. Sean suggested a simplified version of the digital stories a “story night” with excerpts read from stories with background projected from behind. Matt said that might key nicely with our Poetry Night we have in the spring. It was decided to schedule a reading on December 16th. A final video presentation would be on May 25th.
Many other dates were decided on for seeing the project through and all added to our big calendar. Some of the meeting notes are as follows:

Wednesday, November 3rd—Catherine/Margot
Wednesday, November 10th—Catherine/Margot
Wednesday, November 17th—Catherine/Margot
Wednesday, December 1st—Catherine/Margot
Monday, December 6th—Sam/Donna
Wednesday, December 8th—Catherine/Margot
Wednesday, December 15th—Catherine/Margot
Thursday, December 16th—First Presentation Night (reading/storytelling
with possible visual/multimedia accompaniment)
Monday, January 10th—Sam/Donna
Monday, February 7th—Sam/Donna
Monday, March 14th—Sam/Donna
Monday, April 11th, Sam/Donna
Wednesday, May 25th—Second Presentation Night (videos, other multimedia, etc.)
plus one additional date for Sam/Donna

submitted by John Sutter