Sam and Donna's Practice Story

I like the Eureka High School campus.

I like it because it has a lot of outdoor space where kids can hang out or eat their lunches or skateboard.

I like the athletic fields, too. The football field is really big and has lots of tall lights. I like that the field is surrounded by trees. It looks like it is in a forest even though it's right next to the high school.

When I walk out of my door, I can see the forest through the fence.

Where I grew up, in Chicago, it can get very cold. Our high school was mostly one big building, so that we didn't have to go outside to get from class to class. I liked that, too, but it meant there were a lot of long, boring hallways. I like this high school because it is different from the one that I attended, which makes it interesting.

Even though I am not a high school student anymore, it is fun to work at a high school with an interesting campus. I like getting to see different things than what I'm used to seeing. It makes my job more exciting.